Animal Space-Use and Population Ecology

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Veronica A. Winter

I am a Ph.D. student at The Pennsylvania State University interested in understanding how individual behavior influences population-level demography through movement and space-use. I am passionate about reproducible science, data management, and research focused on informing management and conservation. 

I earned my M.Sc. at Utah State University studying how pronghorn movement decisions and habitat selection influenced their distributions across UT and overall survival. This work was done in collaboration with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources with data collected as a part of the Utah Wildlife Migration Initiative

For my Ph.D., I am working with Pennsylvania Game Commission to create a population model for the PA wild turkey population. My goal is to understand factors contributing to their population decline, evaluate the effects of hunting decisions on turkey demographics, and to develop a decision model for harvest regulations.

 In my (occasional) free time, I love painting and drawing landscapes and wildlife, hunting, and hiking with my dog, Archie.