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Hart*, R., B., Smith*, V., Winter*, T., Avgar. 2021. Habitat Ecology and Analysis. Joseph A. Veech. 2021. Oxford University Press, Oxford, United Kingdom. 215 pp. ISBN: 978-0-19-882941-6. The Journal of Wildlife Management.

(* denotes equal author contribution)

Scientific illustrations:

  1. Figure 1: Jackson, A. K., Eagles-Smith, C. A., & Robinson, W. D. (2021). Differential reliance on aquatic prey subsidies influences mercury exposure in riparian arachnids and songbirds. Ecology and Evolution, 11(11), 7003–7017.

  1. Figure 1a, 1b: Whitney, N. M., White, C. F., Smith, B. J., Cherkiss, M. S., Mazzotti, F. J., & Hart, K. M. (2021). Accelerometry to study fine-scale activity of invasive Burmese pythons (Python bivittatus) in the wild. Animal Biotelemetry, 9(1), 2.

  1. Figure 2: Smith, B. J., Selby, T. H., Cherkiss, M. S., Crowder, A. G., Hillis-Starr, Z., Pollock, C. G., & Hart, K. M. (2019). Acoustic tag retention rate varies between juvenile green and hawksbill sea turtles. Animal Biotelemetry, 7(1), 15.

  1. Figure 1: Roberts, K. E., Smith, B. J., Burkholder, D., & Hart, K. M. (2021). Evaluating the use of marine protected areas by endangered species: A habitat selection approach. Ecological Solutions and Evidence, 2(1), e12035.

  1. Study area map

2. Burmese python illustration denoting acceleration data logger placement

3. Green and Loggerhead turtle illustrations